is all about minimizing the environmental impact of conventional petroleum-based plastics by making an environmentally-friendly alternative.


PlasticFri™ is a proprietary technology which uses renewable resources for making a plant-based material that looks and works like conventional plastics.

01 Renewable Raw Material


PlasticFri™ is using abundant, 

low-cost and renewable resources,

mainly coming from 

agricultural-waste and non-edible plants. 

04 Premium Quality


PlasticFri™ offers high-quality products with a Premium-Feel for anyone who wants to minimize their environmental impact.

02 Compostable


PlasticFri™ is 100% Compostable.

It can be composted in less than 90 days and turning into organic fertilizer and natural elements.

05 Biodegradable


PlasticFri™ is 100% biodegradable and breaks down safely into harmless compounds, if left in the nature



PlasticFri™ reduces CO2 emissions of the products by up to 90%


06 Non Toxic


PlasticFri™ is free from conventional plastic materials. This means it contains no substances that are harmful to animals or nature



By using the agricultural waste and specific

non-edible plants as the raw material,

PlasticFri™ supports circular economy.




PlasticFri™ is already certified by some of the thoughest international certification standards 


To ensure a product meets the European standard, 4 tests are carried out:

01 Biodegradation test


the chemical degradability of the polymer

03 Disintegration test


the physical disintegration into very small fragments.

02 Eco-toxicity test


Verify whether the composted product has an adverse effect on plants.

04 Heavy metals content test


the amount has to be below given maximum values.