Green School

What does Biobased mean?

Biobased material is made from a renewable resource.

What does Biodegradable mean?

Biodegradable materials can be naturally degraded by microorganisms metabolizing and breaking down their structure. To be labelled Biodegradable, the material must be tested and certified Biodegradable by an accredited organizations and standards.

In order to be certified, the time necessary would be significantly shorter than what is required for the degradation of traditional plastics. 

What does Compostable mean?

In order for a product to be labelled as compostable, it must fully biodegrade in an industrial composting and/or setting within a specified time period usually less than 180 days. It also must be able to break down into natural elements that produce usable compost for soil and certified by an accredited laboratory under valid standards.

Degradation time is always depending on several factors including temperature, humidity, oxygen as well as the natural environment.

What is OXO-degradable?

While often confused with Biodegradable plastics, oxo-degradables are conventional plastics that are mixed with chemical additives that accelerate degradation when in contact with oxygen. Oxo-degradable plastics quickly fragment into smaller and smaller pieces, called microplastics, but don’t break down at the molecular or polymer level like Biodegradable and compostable plastics. The resulting microplastics are difficult to clean up and are often left in the environment indefinitely causing harmful long-term effects.