PlasticFri founded by innovator brothers Allen and Max, with the mission to end plastic pollution catastrophe.

The history of the idea goes back to their childhood. Whenever they were out in the nature, their parents asked them to spend a few minutes picking up trash before starting to play around. This became a habit which continued into adulthood and they still make time for that today.

As adults, Allen and Max continued the tradition their parents had taught them. Yet they were aware these small-scale efforts were not enough. They noticed most of the trash they picked up was plastic waste. And of course, it never stopped accumulating. So they started looking into developing an alternative to plastic that could replace plastic in product applications where plastic is not a good choice.

Their work started as a side project more than a decade ago and then they began seeking a more scalable solution. In 2018, they had a breakthrough and succeeding with the core technology and promising results beyond the lab. It was then when PlasticFri was officially registered as a company.

Fast forward, they continued research and development working with a wide range of stakeholders, partners, suppliers and customers to drive the mission of PlasticFri.

As visionary innovators and serial entrepreneurs, Allen and Max have been recognized several times such as being named one of Sweden’s most powerful leaders in sustainability as well as being selected by Forbes magazine as the top 30 most influential entrepreneurs and featured on the prestigious “Forbes 30 under 30” list.