Enabling a Sustainable Future

A revolutionary technology enabling

environmentally-friendly products

replacing disposable plastics


is all about minimizing the environmental impact of conventional

petroleum-based plastic by making an environmentally-friendly alternative.

PlasticFri’s impact is not only limited to saving CO2, but also contributing to reduce

climate change impact, ocean toxicity, food quality, eco-system and habitat disruption.

100% Compostable

Can be composted in

less than 90 days

Turning into organic fertilizer

and natural elements

100% Biodegradable

breaks down safely into

harmless compounds

if it is left in the nature

100% Toxic Free

Totally non-toxic

Contains no substances

that are harmful to

animals or nature

Endless Sustainable Choices with Premium Quality

PlasticFri™ offers high-quality products with a Premium-Feel

which is a perfect value-added offering for anyone to

minimize their carbon footprint significantly.



Building a Sustainable Future for the Next Generations

Free from fossil-based Plastics 


Based on a patent-pending proprietary technology which uses renewable resources for making a material that looks and works like conventional plastic.


100% biodegradable, 


non-toxic and 

compliant with the 

European standards.


PlasticFri™ directly fits to

United Nation

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and indirectly to SDGs 3 and 6.



Conventional plastics are made from oil. They cause pollution and stay in the environment for up to 1000 years! Basically, all of the plastic that has ever been made still exists today and humans produce around 335 million tonnes of plastic each year. That is roughly the same weight as all of humanity combined!


Because of its innovativeness and positive environmental impact,

PlasticFri™ has been recognized and awarded several times nationally and internationally.

🥇PlasticFri has been awarded as the World’s Most Innovative Sustainability Startup among 1400 companies worldwide! 🌎