PlasticFri is all about minimizing the negative impact of plastics by making eco-friendly alternatives. Our innovative technology is based on several years of research and development and built on proprietary multi-step processes by utilizing renewable resources such as agricultural waste, wild plants, non-edible plants and wood fibers.

2 Patents

Research-based innovation built on several patents around proprietary processes.

Plant based

Using natural ingredients and plant-based raw materials such as agricultural waste and non-edible plants No competition with food chainNo land use change conflict.

Non Toxic

No substances that are harmful to animals or nature.

Climate Friendly

100% biodegradable & compostable Designed for circularity and the biological cycleUsing renewable resources Eliminate plastic pollutionReduce CO2 emissions.


Already verified and certified by some of the toughest international certification standards

Competitive to plastics

Price competitive to plastics in large scale. High quality. Suitable for a wide range of product applications. Scalable: using existing machinery

Intellectual property portfolio

Thanks to the strong intellectual property portfolio, we are setting a new standard by introducing a new generation of advanced natural materials beyond plastics. By using waste, residues and side streams, we support circular economy and prevent pollution.

Compared to the mainstream alternatives, our technology enables several value propositions including:

  • More resistant to mechanical stress and moisture
  • Competitive price
  • High quality
  • Better performance
  • Saving Energy
  • Saving Water
  • Avoiding plastic waste
  • Saving land demand
  • Reducing carbon footprint

Currently, we offer two main product categories: film-based products and fiber-based products with unique properties. For more information, see our product page. In order to maximize our impact, we are continuously working on new developments and offerings.

Certifications & Compliance

Already verified and certified by the toughest international certification standards.

Curious to know more? Check this short video showcasing PlasticFri on CNN:

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