PlasticFri and Apotea partner to reduce medical waste

We’re happy to announce our collaboration with Sweden’s largest online pharmacy company, Apotea. All customers are now offered a free-of-charge PlasticFri medical waste bag to return old or leftover medicines. The bag is made of renewable resources and is both compostable and biodegradable.


Customers can order the bag from the site, gather the expired or leftover medicine in it, and then send the bag back to Apotea – completely free of charge. The medical waste will then be safely handled to prevent further negative environmental impact.


For PlasticFri it is important to collaborate with partners that are supporting our cause for a more sustainable world. Apotea is not only a market leader but is also leading the way in regards to sustainability and is working actively to become a more sustainable company, in the whole value chain. Since the start, Apotea has been actively working with sustainability and reducing their climate footprint in several aspects such as fossil-free home deliveries, solar powered facilities and actively working with sustainable packaging as well as initiatives that PlasticFri is happy to support. You can read more about Apotea’s sustainability work here.


This collaboration is a great step towards a cleaner planet, free from both plastic pollution and medical waste. 


You can order the bag here.