PlasticFri Selected to Participate in EY Amplifier Program

PlasticFri is thrilled to announce its selection to participate in the EY Amplifier Program during spring 2024. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for PlasticFri as we continue to expand our efforts in combating plastic pollution and promoting sustainability on a global scale.


Through the EY Amplifier program EY is giving 10 selected startups within the field of sustainability 300 free consultation hours within a time frame of three months. Since the start of the program 2021, EY has helped 48 startups from various industries with everything from business concepts and financing plans to product design and marketing plans. Now the program has been launched in Sweden and PlasticFri is part of the pilot on the Swedish market together with two other startups. 


Through the EY Amplifier Program, PlasticFri will gain access to resources and consultants from EY and the 300 consultation hours will be adopted to PlasticFri’s specific needs. This invaluable support will enable PlasticFri to accelerate growth, scale operations, and drive even greater impact in the field of sustainability.