PlasticFri x Beans In Cup ☕

Beans in Cup is taking another step towards their goal of minimizing their environmental impact and are now expanding parts of their product range with PlasticFri sustainable products. At PlasticFri we are happy to be part of Beans in Cup’s sustainability efforts to decrease their carbon footprint and plastic use.


In 2020, Beans in Cup phased out the use of plastic cups and as a next step they are now expanding their product offering with PlasticFri’s sustainable paper cup. The PlasticFri paper cup is certified both plastic free and recyclable as paper, it doesn’t contain any PLA or PE plastic film which is found in most other cups on the market.


Beans in Cup offers their customers a wide range of sustainable and fair labeled coffee and fika products, all to help the customer choose a more sustainable option in the best possible way. The company is a great example showing that a more sustainable solution for their customer is not just a word but a promise and taking sustainability seriously and implements strategies in several aspects of their work.


We are proud of this collaboration and looking forward to further deepening it to make coffee tasting at work enjoyable and sustainable.