New collaboration with SEB

Creating a more sustainable world requires teamwork, partnerships, and collaboration, as we need an entire army of organizations to work together to build a better world and make the change happen.  At PlasticFri® we are honored to have amazing supporters and partners such as SEB, who are passionate about sustainable entrepreneurship and contributing to a […]

PlasticFri launch on Apotea

So happy and proud to announce the launch of the first ever retail pack of Sweden’s largest online pharmacy.This is a great step towards cleaner planet, bringing PlasticFri® products to every household and realizing our vision faster.   

PlasticFri 💚 Google = 🚀

PlasticFri®  Google =  So proud and humbled that Google selected PlasticFri® as one of the brilliant #innovations to solve #plastic problems through Google Single Use Plastic Challenge Initiative.  This is a great example for large corporations for switching to a more #sustainable #solution no matter which industry you are in. Congratulations to my amazing team for such a remarkable achievement. Watch the video on Google’s main Channel: